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Service Service


1.  Technology support and after sales service

It is very important for having complete technology support and after sales service. In order to ensure the installation as well as the steady and reliable operation of electronic whiteboards, Deshan Technology have, based on many years of experiences of integrating large scale systems, established solutions of technology support and after sales service in details including providing free technology support and one-year, three-year long warranty service in addition to three nation-wide guarantees (guaranteed return, guaranteed replacement and guaranteed repair). Within the warranty period, Deshan Technology is responsible for providing 7x24 hours of telephone support, responding to users’ repair service request within 24 hours, building up such contents as complete system of backup products and components. Deshan Technology will, according to ISO9001 quality system standard, faithfully provide speedy service response and quality technology service for users. Below contents will give detailed description on specific technology support and after sales service.


2.  Technology support and service contents

They include telephone support, on-the-site service, equipment replacement, equipment repair, internet safety system failure report and prevention, software version upgrading and enhancement, later period technology training, email support, internet support, regular visits and providing system emergency strategies.


3.  telephone support

Deshan Technology will provide long-term free telephone support service to users. Service period is 7x24 hours. Telephone hot-line is available from Monday to Friday with office hours as 8:30 to 18:00. Hot-line telephone# are (0755)26608990 and (0755)26608390, during non-office hours, Deshan Technology’s technical staff can be reached via mobile phone. After technology support request or failure report are received, requested service contents will be studied in time and corresponding answers will be provided. Regarding technology consultation, technical staff will provide corresponding answers in time for users considering the actual situations. Regarding system operation failure, technical staff will first study the detailed situation about computer system problem, guide users regarding system analysis and solve failures step by step. For technology problems which can not be solved immediately, they will be recorded in customer report system and engineers will respond within 1 hour. If some problems can not be solved within 1 hour, company will decide if it is necessary to send relevant technical staff to the scene and the procedure will switch to on-the scene service in order to guarantee using the shortest time to solve any failures. Following up is also necessary in order to provide better quality technology support and service in the future.


4.  On-the-scene technology service

Deshan Technology will provide such on-the-scene technology support services as tender inviting and bidding, sales agent meeting and product promotion. Under situations of user request, Deshan Technology will still provide long-term on-the-scene technology support services. For problems which request engineers to solve on-the-scene after engineers’ judgements, headquarter will punctually arrange engineers to solve within 24 hours, promise to try best to solve electronic whiteboard problems, and recover the product’s normal operation within the shortest time or provide emergency strategies.

In addition, during the month of trial operation for electronic whiteboard, Deshan Technology customer service personnel will often work with technical persons from the customer side to monitor the operation status of the product, meanwhile, assist users in daily maintaince and timely discover problems, solve problems as well as put the product into a stage of steady operation ASAP and record the total procedure. During the later period of product operation, customer service personnel will still make visits regularly, timely obtain an understanding of the operation status and user request and provide corresponding resolutions.


5.  Equipment maintaince and replacement

Deshan Technology provide 3-year long warranty service for its equipments, 1 year of which is free service. Equipment maintaince and replacement response time are 24 hours (not yet consider distance). After the 3-year warranty period, Deshan Technology still provide maintaince service for users at prefered prices which will include certain fees based on the equipment damage situations such as fees for replacing or servicing damaged components and corresponding transportation charges.


6.  Technology support and service procedure

When user request technology service, he or she can advise Deshan Technology using hot-line telephones, faxes or emails and technology staff will contact users immediately and understand users’ request correctly. When there are problems regarding product operation, technology staff will do detailed recording on problem-related phenomenons, meanwhile, provide user solutions or inform specific answer time and later on organize corresponding technology strength for doing problem analysis and work out solutions. During system operation, the failures to occur mainly fall into below categories: operation mistake, software mistake, configuration mistake, communication route mistake and hardware failure. After obtaining user service request for failure, heavy research will be done on failure related information and failure analysis on its category will be carried on in order to take corresponding solutions to solve different kinds of failures providing users telephone support or solving problems and servicing on-the-scene according to specific situations.

7.      training plans

According to customer request and actual situations, we separate our training into two parts: basic theory training and on-the-scene practical skills training.

During training, we will use projector, IEBOARD software and take the way the training is done using electronic whiteboard on the scene. During basic theory training, when teaching technical theories, we will do on-the scene demonstration and provide trainees intuitive training contents based on the taught IEBOARD using environments and methods. During training for practical skills, we use the way where teacher and trainees operate at the same pace. Trainees follow teacher step by step to do practical operation, complete adjustments and operation independently.



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