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Usual problems and inspection methods regarding electronic whiteboards


1.  Production procedure and inspection procedure

2.  Below usual causes are related to irregularities occurred from whiteboards.

1)  Whiteboard hardware

a) circuit board: usual problems occurred to circuit boards include short circuit or other aspects.

b) Whiteboard connection wire: connection ports of two ends or chip have problem, sometimes it indicates the connection is successful and light is flashing, but it is not writable.

c) Electronic pen: battery is not yet installed, battery runs out of power, battery contacts slip off or become rusted(insulated), right side button is displaced or loses function

d)  Board chip: wires break at the connection port, soldering points slip off, pin leggs break and board chip internal problems.

e)  Short-cut keys positioning: there is displacement

2)  Computer hardware or software problems leading to whiteboard abnormal operations.

a)      Not yet installing whiteboard driver or software.

b)      Driving port setting goes wrong(refer to below port setting method)

c)      System incompatibility, software conflict or other incorrect computer settings

d)      USB connection port failure

e)      Computer virus infected or crashed

3)  Other aspects

a)      Surrounding electromagnetic interference(ultrasound wave, other electromagnetic wave transmitters)

b)      Improper Whiteboard installation(during wall mounted, being too close to the wall to avoid pressing the electric circuit causing short circuit or ineffectiveness.


  3.    The irregularities occurred to electronic whiteboards produced by electromagnetic induction technology are usually as below:

A.   Whiteboard indication light is not on.

B.   Server is not connected (indication light is not flashing, the right corner of computer shows USB device could not recognize information.)

C.   No response when writing using electronic pen on whiteboard

D.   Connected to whiteboard, but cursor is jumping constantly or writing is jumping becoming uncontrollable

E.   Great discrepancy between cursor and electronic pen






 whiteboard   indication light not on

A.      problem with computer USBB. problem with connection wire

C.    circuit   problem


server connection failed

A.    service   procedure not yet openedB. mistake   with computer port setting C. problem with connection wire D. circuit board   problem E. software conflict


connected, but not writable

A.    problem   with penB. problem   with wire C. unable to move computer mouse D. inaccurate positioning


Connected, pen can control

mouse, but not writable

A.  problem with wire


Cursor jumping, uncontrollable or   writing jumping

B.  too much   pressing on circuit board B. Electromagnetic interference from surroundings C.   improper connection between circuit board and board chip


Great discrepancy between cursor and   electronic pen

A.    inaccurate   positioning B. circuit board problem C. other interference


Point breaking from writing

A.    improper   circuit board connection B board chip problem C. others


 mistake   with positioning

A.    not yet   click flashing “十”word   center(multi-clicking for one clicking positionB. not yet click the first shortcut key at last C.   deviation from the first shortcut key position


Right side button of electronic pen   not functional

A.    problem   with pen B. problem with wire C. closely attached to whiteboard button


Software not openable

A.    not yet   open service procedure B. software not yet installed OK C. problem with   computervirus   infected or others

Only when we understand what problems would occur from what situations, we know how to ask customers and get more information from customers. The more information, the better help for us for doing judgements.

4. inspection method

If there is irregularities in using whiteboards, there are below a few inspection methods(whether there are additional accessories for testing)

1)    change computer or pen or battery for testing

2)    move the whiteboard to another place for testing

3)    remove the circuit board, check if there is broken wire or slip-off of soldering points and re-connect to test

4)    change wire or circuit board for testing

Software installation method:

1 install USB driver

1)    open installation disk, click

2)    click the first button “Install USB Driver”

3)    then click “Install” button

4)    pop up “Installation Successful” communication box, indicate driver installation successful, click “Confirm” button.


2 Software installation

Click the second button “Install IEBOARD Software”, then click “Next Step”.

Software installation successful, then click “start”, “IEBOARD Software” will be seen in the procedure.

Whiteboard positing methods:

A.   Before whiteboard  positioning, first open software service procedure, when connection between computer and whiteboard is OK, server icon appear in the right bottom corner of whiteboard.

B.   Test if electronic pen can write on whiteboard, whether there is deviation from pen tip, if there is relatively big deviation, positioning is needed for whiteboard. Positioning is as below:

Click Server icon using mouse’s right side button.

 Use electronic pen to click the center of the flashing green word  of “” on the whiteboard as per below picture.

Lastly there is indication for clicking the first shortcut key on the right side, after successful positioning, computer will return to desktop automatically.


Cautions needed for positioning

1)  During positioning process, pressing the right side button of pen is not allowed.

2)  positioning process requires clicking the center of the word “”, remove the pen when the word is no longer flashing.

Setting method for ports

If setting for computer driving port is not correct, connection to whiteboard will fail. But re-setting the port is possible as below:

1.     Right click “My Computer”, choose “Device” or choose “Administration”, open “Device Manager”

2.     After whiteboard is connected to computer, port will appear in “Device Manager”, open the port, if it shows “COM2” or “3”, it is normal, if it shows other numbers, please double click to amend it. Click the pop-up communication box “port setting”, then click “Advanced”. Operation is as below picture. Just click to amend.

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