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产品名称: RN Serials
Listing Date: 2016-01-14




IR technology whiteboard RN series SPECS




Interactive whiteboard


一、Hardware part:

1.   Technical Principle:Infrared sensor technology,no special pen:Support hand, pen and pointer and all other non-transparent    objects were directly above the blackboard writing.

2.   Maximum Resolution::32767*32767

3.   Positioning Technology: 4:00 precise positioning, without      repositioning each boot.

4.   Whiteboard Size

5.   The casing outside diagonal size

RN series

Whiteboard size









6.   Polymer nanoplate: Anti-glare,anti-reflective,any angle withoutbright spots;available water-based pen,erase repeatedly without residue; magnetic attraction can facilitate teaching; high    surface hardness,scratch resistance, no stripping,even if the  surface scratches, perforations alsoIt does not affect the     normal use.

a)   Panel material:Panel using cold-rolled steel, specialty    polymer nano surface coating materials.

b)   Board core material:high-density,high-strength,lightweight, environmentally friendly polyester material.

7.   Backplane Material: galvanized steel.

8.   ★Shortcuts: Provides shortcut buttons on both sides, each side 22 physical shortcut buttons, and direct implementation of the PPT endorsement by physical shortcut, erasure and flip; consistent physical shortcuts and whiteboard software functions (shortcuts associated with patent).

9.   ★Product Structure: product structure is modular in design, field-swap replace infrared modules,easy disassembly and maintenance.

10. Positioning accuracy: less than 0.5mm

11. The anti-glare design: normal use in direct sunlight or strong light.

12. Working environment:Working Temperature:-10-45℃;

a)   Work humidity: 0~90%:

13. A new generation ofintelligent recognition:largeobjects (such aspalm,books,erasers,etc.)canblockinfraredtubeafternormaloperation(writing, gesturesto zoom,erase, etc.), does not affect normal use.

14. Super anti-deathpoint,dust,obstructions,even if the wholeborderis blocked can be normal writing.

15.    Provides hardware detection, rapid fault location is determined.

16.    Brush firmware: The firmware upgrade program supports USB smart fast, easy remote hardware update.

二、Software function:

1.   1.Gesture recognition:Support Windows, Android,MAC gestures,   enabling zoom,rotate; no need to click any buttons or shortcutsin the software interface,you can achieve writing,roaming and  erasable gestures(gesture recognition provide patent           certificate);

2.   Screen Hold function: a key lock,set the open and close touch  function, prevent misuse by software directly.(Provided the    patent certificate)

3.   PPT application: in PPT software seamlessly, PPT during playback, you can achieve directly PPT flip through software shortcuts, labels and erasable.

4.   The pen functions:to provide pencils,soft pencil,brush,texture pen,objects,pens,etc.8 kinds of pen and offer more linear,line ends,thickness,color,contrast and other property settings.

5.   The pen wipe function: provides an object rub, rub a bitmap,scratch brush,to achieve different objects erased.

6.   Graphic plotting:for fast graphics rendering,including linear, rectangular,oval,round,triangular,pentagonal,five-pointed star-shaped,hexagonal,diamond,arrow,double arrow;cubes, cylinders,cones,etc.user-friendly graphical tool to quickly create standard graphics. Vertices drawn graphics can be edited, and can realize filling pattern, moving, rotating, etc. operations.

7.        Auxiliary tools: provide a magnifying  mirror, ruler, compasses, set square, protractor, screen recording,video recording,video booth,fill bucket,searchlight,cover screen,camera,random access and other commonly used tools,and various mathematical aided drafting tool.

8.   Page function:can provide white pages,blackboard pages, green pages, transparent pages, picture pages, screen pages, according to teaching needs, arbitrarily change the page background;

9.   Transparent Page:  to realize writing and mouse to achieve seamless handover. The same page can operate a computer and can write, annotate.

10. Picture Pages: Provides swastika grid, sheet music, Piano, four-wire three grid, the letters and other disciplines page.

11. Page operation: support to enlarge the whole page, narrow, roaming, roaming returned, the whole page cleaning, page, etc., the roaming function support for writing page of                              infinite amplification and mobile.

12. Direct calling external camera video; and the number of projectors (high shot instrument), with quasi-camera interface perfect combination of video booth, a key call.

13.    Reading function(In win7 system,support Chinese,English, digital reading).

14. Handwriting recognition, support handwriting directly into printed, and achieve rapid phonetic.

15. Support recording and screen recording capabilities. Recording function allows playback of all content writing on the        blackboard, and software format to save; screen recording and writing on the blackboard during the operation can be         content, including voice, video recording and save, save the format of AVI  and SWF.

16. Insert object: insert picture supports PNG / BMP / WMV / JPG / JPEG and other insert, text, audio support MP3 format / WMA / WAV / AAC and other formats, video support AVI / SWF / MP4 / WMV / FLV / mpg insert / 3GP and other formats, such as insert histograms

17. Software supported operating system: Windows XP and above,    LINUX, Mac system, Android, double pen and support all of the above system.

18. offline prepare lessons; software enables offline use,        convenient teaching prepare lessons; in WINDOWS7 operating    system and Word, IE browser, PPT, image browser and other applications directly in multi-touch function, without the aid of special software or interface , such as zoom function, direct hand at any time to achieve, you do not have to go first to   the menu, which greatly saves time and effort of teachers.

19. Software upgrades: The software offers lifetime free upgrade  service.

20. Resource Library

a)   The software comes with various disciplines of teaching resources, including pictures, text, multidisciplinary dynamic resources, and provide custom tools and custom resources, teachers can implement custom resource conservation, management and calls.

b)   Mathematics teaching support: in math resource repository contains mathematical formulas resource, function curves resources mathematics graphic resources. Common mathematical formula contains a number of commonly used mathematical formulas, mathematical formulas in the resource calculation function can be achieved, can be calculated based on the variable value entered by the user. Function curve contains a number of commonly used functions curve, for example, function curves sine, cosine, quadratic, etc., displayed according to the domain and range of function of the corresponding two-dimensional function, the user can change the curve of a function type, domain and range and save it to the repository. Function graph contains some of the common property of a graphic, such as a two-dimensional coordinate system, the three-dimensional coordinates, sine curve, cosine curve graphics.

c)   physics teaching support: contains slide rheostat, spiral micrometer, micrometer, spring balance, concave lens, lens, such as tools, contains circuit, optical experimental graphics, etc.

d)   Chemistry Teaching support: the repository contains junior high school, high school conventional chemical reaction equation, contains a variety of chemical labware, including the commonly used chemical beakers, flasks, funnels, alcohol lamp, measuring tube, separating funnel, etc. labware, liquid container dynamic changes automatically to maintain the level, and can freely adjust the page height.

e)   Language teaching support: Chinese language teaching including the phonetic features of Chinese characters, Chinese characters stroke order playback function, support the teaching Chinese characters reading function. With word library resources in English teaching, English reading function to support teaching.

f) other disciplines Support: Provides support for teaching resources include geography, history, biology, music and other disciplines.

Optional accessories and related programs:




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