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产品名称: TTS-2 Multi-media Education All-in-one Machine
Listing Date: 2016-01-14


Unilateral Multimedia teaching machine(dual screen style)parameters


Equipment Name

Performance and technical requirements


Multimedia teaching machine







Teaching machine hardware

Machine size: 285mm (width) * 1270mm (height) * 70mm (thickness) along with whiteboard completely embedded into the blackboard, integration and convenient operation.

Cold-rolled steel shell, a highly integrated stereo amplifier, stereo, computer host, intelligent central control system, physical Showcase, multi-function wireless microphone as oneOptional small wireless keyboard, placed in the inner tray inside the booth is not exposed, the keyboard comes with touch mouse function;Segmented modular design, easy maintenance apart from the front.

Built-in amplifier system: high-fidelity stereo digital amplifier, the output power 2 × 20W, DSP digital chip, BLP digital feedback by sound technology, intelligent detection sampling, stable performance, protection function.

★Built-in dual-core Intel I3 3220 CPU, 3.0GHZ frequency, 4G DDRIII memory, 500G SATA hard disk, H61 series motherboard integrated graphics, Gigabit Ethernet, sound card.

Integrated 10 inches LED LCD monitors, and projectors simultaneously display PC content and operation of the state, in the case do not open the projector can also be used as a computer display contents and operating condition; convenient for teacher browse and relieve fatigue.

Built-in intelligent central control system: using intuitive tap film panel, features includes: system switch, internal / external signal switching, audio control (volume add, subtract, silent), restart the computer, each function buttons with corresponding LED lights. A key to open / close the device can be used alone computer switch, the projector switch.

With a 3.5 -inch LCD display shows the working state of all equipment, including control.

In the control panel with intelligent electronic lock function can be turned on / lock on the control panel functions through electronic lock button, effectively prevent misuse.

Stored in the control system within the group at least 90 mainstream projector control codes, eliminating the need to write complex code procedure. Can achieve one-button synchronization "on" and "off" package of multimedia devices, ensure that the computer and the projector will not appear opposite state.

Users can be set directly by intelligent control boot interface, long delay protection shutdown, the projector control code issued code number of times, more effective protection equipment.

The board also has a USB2.0 * 2 interface, microphone interface,standard 3.5mm audio interface, VGA input * 1, aspects of external devices.

Top with a USB2.0 * 2 个, the signal input VGA * 2, the signal output VGA * 2, RS232 * 1, 2-way audio input, 1 channel audio output, HDMI high-definition interface, a network interface RJ45 * 1 ,, Power AC input × 1; AC output × 2, projectors and other equipment to ensure power supply to achieve simultaneous switching off of protection; other optional extended television signal interface. Scalable drive.

Visualizer hardware part

1. Resolution: 500 million pixels (2592 × 1944)

2. Lens photographed format:A4

3.★Zoom: Support 1-1500% times stepless digital zoom.

4.★Auto Focus free, without human focus.

5.★Under 5 million-pixel high-definition, dynamic rate measured 15 frames / sec, instead of vacuity or theoretical speed.

6. Lens Resolution: ≥1000TV line

7. Output Format:MJPG,YUY2

8. Built-in microphone (optional)

9.★Both sides with two USB2.0 interface, can be used to integrate the secondary camera, microphone and other external devices. (Optional)

10. Minimum illumination: 10Lux.

11. Recommended illumination: 50-80Lux.            

12. Flash control: 50HZ or 60HZ.

13. Operating voltage: 5V

14. Maximum current:<400mA

15. Standby current:<5mA

16. Working temperature: -10-40 degrees.                            

17. USB transmission specifications:High-speed USB 2.0 interface

18. Free drive support system: Windows 10,Windows8/8.1 Windows 7. Windows VISTA、Windows XP sp2。

19.★Built-in digital LED fill light, support Stubbs switch (or 5 clearance brightness adjustment switch, optional).

20. Automatic aperture, automatic white balance, automatic exposure, support USB pure digital output.

21. USB five volt power supply directly, weaknesses environmental protection without radiation.

Visualizer software parameters:

1. Professional booth software: to make a video with the physical display, with dynamic whiteboard annotation, courseware recording, teaching contrast, scan management, rapid capture, PIP and other software features. Showcase software and video presentations may achieve dynamic real-time rotation and scaling according to one percent gradient, the video display contents can be the point where the mouse-centric, real-time according to a gradient of 1% stepless zooming up to 1500% free.

①★Images can be rotated to stepless or according to rotate 90 degrees.

②Support annotations can be freely crossed tagging, color, transparency, stroke thickness adjustable rear support multiple graphics rendering, support for text input can always edit, annotate process can save, record, namely a simple whiteboard.                                                                             

③With a marked saving function,can be stored,form a picture,easy to save.

④★Education showcase all operating buttons are on the first Windows interface does not exist two menus, easy for teacher learn and use.

⑤★With video recording function, can be physical, portrait and sound show process for video courseware or micro class, realize the recorder function.

⑥★Have dual-lens video PIP function, you can embed a teacher or student screen to the screen video together.

⑦★Having 2,3,4-screen multi-screen contrast with the teaching function.⑧★With fast capture feature, you can drag the image directly shots PPT, WORD and other editable documents.

⑨Software can control contrast, brightness, color saturation, sharpness, exposure, auto focus and other adjustments.

2. Built-in professional scanning software, to facilitate teacher courseware material collection and preparation

①★Scan mode: Single scanning support, regular automatic continuous scanning, sensing automatic continuous scanning and scanning the local area;②★Support color scanning, black and white (grayscale) scan, monochrome scanning, anti-color (negatives) scans, duplex document scanning, dual-lens PIP scan; Automatic correction after scanning support straighten, auto-cut black edges, automatically remove black bottom or shadow.

③★With intelligent positioning function: Intelligent Positioning box can appear on the need to scan files; support custom scan area or format, supports scanning resolution and image compression rate adjustment (to achieve the purpose of adjusting the file size)

④★Support single-page or multi-page PDF document production, supports barcode recognition as a file name to identify the text as a file name support. Support for custom file name prefix, support parity sequence named or named by photographing time,can change the file storage location.

⑤★Image editing process: produced after shooting pictures can be go to the black side, Straightening, rotate, crop and other image processing; adjust image brightness, contrast, saturation, etc., in order to adjust the image quality needed; a gray picture, black and white, inverted, relief, sharpening, monochrome / binarization process.

⑥Photo Tagger: the pictures taken by labels, zoom, rotate and save;

⑦Photo save format support: PDF, JPG, TIF, PNG, BMP, Support image format conversion, convenience for the user prepares a lesson.

⑧Supports OCR text recognition, quickly extract the text form Word document.

⑨★Scan files at the same time, with automatic/manual trimming correction function, can quickly with the help of the teacher was scanned paper correction;

⑩★Barcode scanning identification, watermark function, duplex scanning function automatically merged with ID card scanning recognition (optional)

11★Scanning with Smart optimization: In the case of retention and effective color of the text, removing the duplex intelligence picture.

12 ★Devices with intelligent continuous shooting function, while changing the paper with automatic detection function, only detected again in the next paper will be a new automatic continuous shooting

★Marking with answer sheet scanning function (optional);

a) Fast marking the answer sheet, the product uses the most advanced image recognition and data analysis techniques that can quickly correct answer sheet. Marking an answer sheet for 1 second, 1 to 2 minutes to complete the job or papers marking an entire class.

b) Data analysis,can modify the results of the data analysis, the first time to view each student's achievement, the correct rate of each question, the number of right and wrong for each option. Accurate data, facilitate teachers understand the learning situation, targeted to explain, to improve teaching effectiveness.

c) Error management, automatic generation of the wrong questions prompt, easy to manage and rectify the wrong questions of teachers and students.

d) No need to buy special answer sheet, answer sheet can be printed according to their needs, greatly saving the cost of daily.

Multifunctional wireless microphone parts

1、Operating frequency range :2400 - 2483MHz;

2、Modulation method: GFSK ;

3、★To ensure product safety to human health, requiring product manufacturers must pass occupational health and safety certification and environmental certification system.

4、Automatic access to state power frequency, automatically turn on after a successful launch frequency, transmitting power: 10dbm; efficient use of the radio speaker distance ≥15 m.

5、With built-in rechargeable lithium battery with USB charger. Continuous audio transmission time is greater than ≥8 hours; with external audio input function;

6、Wireless microphone transmitter with built-in pickup design, but also support the headband microphone input can be hand-held,headband.

7、Wireless microphone transmitter has its own volume control buttons to adjust, you can adjust the volume.

8、★Wireless microphone with an electronic pointer function, with PPT flip up and down, and a black screen function key (optional wireless receiver can flip and black).

9、★Wireless microphone transmitter with LCD (LCD) display, can display the current volume, current channel, battery capacity, charge status and other informations.

10、Any of a wireless microphone can be paired simultaneously in any one classroom and interfere with each other.

11、★Provide manufacturer's authorization for the project,after-sales service undertaking (must be stamped with the manufacturers seal).

12、★Male and female voices have switched by wireless microphone.

13、★Custom Key reserve C1, C2, C3, key functions can be extended

Corporate and product certification and services

★Enterprise passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification .18001 occupational health management

Products through the national mandatory product CCC certificate.

★Products for the central audio-visual education center in 2014 "digital campus integrated solutions"

★Have state Department of Education teaching equipment product quality inspection report

★With lightning protection test report

High temperature, humidity adapt qualified reports; uptime inspection report; resistance to salt spray corrosion test report

★The equipment and the whiteboard the same manufacturer

★Optional provide local 300 g synchronization change and new content of teaching resources

★Optional Web version provides cloud resource center, a large number of simulation experiments and digital exam of general education and other early childhood education resources for users to download

Can provide authorization for projects and warranty three years after-sales service commitment.        Optional gray



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